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Izakaya "Happoh" is Japanese restaurant which is located in Nara.
We endeavour to serve fresh ingredients prepared in dishes
that you can trust.





Private rooms with a sense of warmth, featuring sunken tables

Using Yoshino cedar, zelkova, wood and bamboo that are hundreds of years old, and walls made of mud and straw, we have created a space full of Japanese sentiment, in which you can enjoy delicious food.

There is a range of seating available, so we can accommodate everyone from lone diners to large groups.

There is a banquet hall for up to 60 people, private rooms of various sizes, as well as table seating. Whether you come here while on holiday, or on the way back from work, we are ready to welcome you.



*All prices shown do not include tax.



Tempura lunch featuring local vegetables and Tajima chicken

¥950(Tax not included)

Set of Japanese black beef stewed in ginger and soy sauce served over rice (mini) plus Yamato Miwa somen noodles
¥950(Tax not included)
Set of Yamato chicken and egg served over rice (mini) plus Yamato Miwa somen noodles
¥950(Tax not included)
Set of Tajima chicken tempura served over rice (mini) plus Yamato Miwa somen noodles
¥850(Tax not included)
Nigiri sushi and Yamato Miwa somen noodle lunch set
¥1,050(Tax not included)
Nara Go pork Sumo hot pot lunch
¥1,100(Tax not included)
Set of Tajima chicken scattered over rice plus Yamato Miwa somen noodles
¥950(Tax not included)
Yamato Miwa somen noodles
¥750(Tax not included)
Daily lunch special
¥800(Tax not included)



*All prices shown do not include tax.


Japanese black beef stewed
in soy sauce with burdock
and egg lunch set

¥1,100(Tax not included)


Sashimi lunch

¥1,050(Tax not included)


Homemade seared roast
Nara Go pork served over rice

¥850(Tax not included)

*All prices shown do not include tax.



We take sake lees from only the finest Daiginjo and Ginjo sakes produced in Nara prefecture, and ferment them to create a pickling bed. In making the pickling bed, we have developed a unique technique whereby we determine the course of the alcohol turning into sugar, then add grainy miso paste to adjust the flavor. By pickling the domestic ingredients, they gain a mellow fragrance and rich, nutritious flavor, so please enjoy them to your heart's content.

Our specialty "Yamato Ginjo-yaki" that was born from years of experience and skill
We ferment sake lees from only the finest Yamato Daiginjo and Ginjo sakes,
to which miso is added before pickling various foods.

Nara Go pork thigh Ginjo-yaki
Nara Go pork belly Ginjo-yaki
Vegetable Ginjo-yaki
Squid Ginjo-yaki



Our dishes made using Japanese black beef,
which is renowned for being tender and full of flavor,
are very popular among tourists.
You simply must try one.

Roast Japanese black beef salad
dressed with wasabi
Grilled Japanese black beef steak
seasoned with salt
Seared Japanese black beef sushi (2 pieces)

*All prices shown do not include tax.


Turnip and mushrooms in with minced chicken
in a thick sauce
Deep-fried Nara Senryo aubergine
Ajimarumi daikon radish topped with a miso sauce
Yamato chicken and seasonal vegetable salad
dressed with sesame vinaigrette
Local cucumber and wholegrain miso
dressed with wasabi
Colorful salad with homemade carrot dressing
Lightly pickled local vegetables of the day
Local vegetable tempura assortment
Handmade konnyaku sashimi
Manganji pepper with Tosa soy sauce
Nara Go pork and leeks dressed with a yuzu citrus
and mustard miso paste
Seasonal vegetables and miso au gratin

*The menu varies according to the season and that day's stock





Today's fresh sashimi selection (small)
Today's fresh sashimi selection (large)
Seared marinated mackerel
Tiger prawn tempura (2 fish)
Pickled squid innards
with a cream cheese accompaniment
Cuttlefish sashimi (from Wakayama prefecture)
Horse mackerel sashimi (from Nagasaki prefecture)
Marbled rockfish sashimi (from Nagasaki prefecture)
Stewed fresh fish
Grilled sandfish seasoned
with salt (from Tottori prefecture)
Smelt tempura (from Hokkaido)
Yamato pilchard tempura (from Mie prefecture)
Fried thread-sail filefish (from Fukui prefecture)
Stewed marbled rockfish (from Nagasaki prefecture)
Fried pufferfish (from Tokushima prefecture)

*The menu varies according to the season and that day's stock






Nara Go pork grilled with
a paste of yuzu zest and chili
Handmade roast Nara Go pork
Nara Go pork loin tempura
Yamato chicken tempura
Grilled Yamato chicken seasoned
with salt extracted by burning seaweed



*All prices shown do not include tax.


Egg roll flavored with dashi stock
Chef's sushi selection
Rice in a broth of dashi stock, pickled plum,
and shiso leaf
Homemade fresh tofu
Yamato tea ice cream

shop info

22 Higashimuki Nakamachi, Nara-shi, Nara-ken
How to get there
A 1-minute walk from Nara Station on the Kintetsu Nara line
(At the time you make an enquiry, it will help things go more smoothly if you tell us that you've looked at the website.)
Opening times:
Monday to Saturday
11:30 to 22:30 (last orders at 21:30)
Sundays and public holidays
11:30 to 22:00 (last orders at 21:00)
open all year round
Average budget:
Casual:¥3,000, Banquet:¥5,000, Lunch:¥880
Credit cards accepted:
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, NICOS, MUFG
Total seating:
144 seats
Maximum group size
for banquets:
60 people
Viable group sizes
for private functions:
60 to 144 people

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  • 日本酒を楽しめるお店
  • うどんを食べるなら